Announcement: Bay Area On-Call Listserv

This is not part of this project, but may be of interest to participants and other readers from the San Francisco Bay Area:


Is one of the following words in your job description?

  • Temporary part time
  • Hourly
  • On-call
  • Substitute
  • Pool
  • Adjunct
  • Casual

Do you work without a regular schedule and benefits?

Do you hire, manage, administer, schedule, train, or otherwise interact with such employees?

BayNet is pleased to announce the creation of a new listserv intended to facilitate discussion of the use of on-call library workers in the Bay Area. In the current economic climate, we anticipate an increase in this type of work, which brings particular headaches for both employers and employees. This listserv will create opportunities to solve logistical problems, solicit peer support, and find a larger pool of qualified on-call candidates.

For more information, please see the listserv guidelines, at

To subscribe to OnCallLib, go to If you have questions or problems with the subscribing process, please send an email to

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