On-call librarians, also known as hourly, pool, substitute, and temporary part-time librarians, are those who generally work without permanent schedules and without benefits. This force is flexible and can be deployed as needed, without many of the costs associated with full time employees (benefits, professional development, etc.).  There is little current empirical research on how libraries use this type of worker.  We will present the results of an exploratory study which aims to describe how libraries in the densely populated San Francisco Bay Area use librarians.  How are these pools hired?  How are they scheduled?  Who are the librarians being employed this way? Ultimately we will discuss implications for best practices in administering librarian pools, and key competencies for pool librarians.

Research by:

Emily Weak, Bay Area On-Call Librarian

Sarah Naumann, Reference Librarian, Mills College and Part-time Instruction Librarian, CSU East Bay

**Header image is a photograph of the Main branch of the San Francisco Public Library by an unknown photographer, Encyclopedia Americana, v. 17, 1920 [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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